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A tight CON-UKIP race in Camborne & Redruth – Survation for the University of Exeter

Survation on behalf of the University of Exeter interviewed 500 residents of Camborne & Redruth constituency by telephone about their voting intentions and other political issues. Fieldwork was carried out on 25th November 2014.

Voting Intention

Without candidates’ names prompted (with change in brackets since the 2010 general election):

CON 30% (-8), LAB 22% (+6), LD 6% (-31), UKIP 33% (+28), OTHERS 8% (+5)

With candidates’ names prompted (with change in brackets since the 2010 general election):

CON 34% (-4%), LAB 18% (+2), LD 13% (-25), UKIP 28% (-22), OTHERS 7% (+4)

Other findings

60% of the residents of Camborne & Redruth told Survation they would support more power over local decisions being transferred to Cornwall, compared to 19% who said they would oppose such devolution.

49% of residents told Survation they would support the creation of a Cornish assembly, while 31% said they would oppose it.

The top factor affecting residents’ vote was local issues (27%), followed by national policies of the parties (26%) and the principles of the parties (19%). Only 3% of residents said the national leader of the parties was the most important factor with 10% saying the local candidate. 16% were unsure.

Data were weighted by age, gender and ward to the profile of all Camborne & Redruth residents aged 18+. Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Data tables are available here

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