Amazon workers viewed as key workers by public

The public are likely to view Amazon workers as “key workers” during the pandemic, and are valued more by the public than prior to the coronavirus outbreak. In a poll for Unite the Union, Survation found that:

  • More than half of respondents (58%) would term Amazon workers as key workers (less than a third – 29% would not) as a result of considering their role during the pandemic.
  • The pandemic has made people value Amazon workers more than they did before, with almost half (46%) of respondents saying they have changed their view and now value these workers more than prior when considering drivers and delivery workers and 41% when considering Amazon Warehouse and fulfilment workers.




There are high levels of public support for trade union recognition and fair work practices for direct and indirect Amazon workers:

  • More than three quarters of respondents (76%) believe that Amazon workers should be able to join a trade union if they choose without interference from the company. Similar figures (73%, 72%) find that Amazon should be legally required to recognise and engage with trade unions that represent their workers and that Amazon should be obliged to allow union representatives reasonable access to meet with workers they represent.
  • Amazon employs many workers indirectly as part of the “gig” economy and around three quarters of respondents (74%) thought that Amazon has a responsibility as an employer to those workers to provide them with fair working conditions, 16% thought Amazon did not have a responsibility toward indirectly employed workers.


Survation interviewed 2017 UK residents aged 18% online between 9th-10th June 2021. Carried out for Unite the Union.

Data tables:

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