Survey Archive


24th December 2011: In the lead up to Christmas, Survation conducted a poll of 2003 pensioners in the UK investigating the issue of loneliness during the Christmas period. The full cross tabs for the poll, on behalf of the Centre for Social Justice, can be found here. Survation’s report on the poll is available here, whilst the press release from the Centre for Social Justice can be viewed by clicking here.


12th December 2011Ahead of the Feltham and Heston by-election, Survation surveyed 511 constituents and predicted a comfortable Labour hold. Click here for our full results.


11th December 2011On behalf of the Mail on Sunday, Survation polled 1020 people to gauge public reaction following David Cameron’s return from the European summit negotiations. Click here for the full results of the survey, whilst the Mail on Sunday’s article can be found here.


4th December 2011During the live X Factor semi-finals, we surveyed 1000 viewers to find out how the public’s opinion of each act altered after the show. The data tables for our survey can be found by clicking here.


27th November 2011On behalf of the Daily Star Sunday, we polled members of the public about their views on the upcoming Day of Action, in particular whether or not they supported industrial action. The full results can be found here 


21st November 2011: We surveyed 1058 members of the public, gauging opinion on government changes to public sector pensions. The poll uncovered huge amounts of mistrust and misunderstanding about pensions, as well as a general public unhappiness about proposed changes. Our post on the matter can be found by clicking here, whilst the full report can be found here.


28th October 2011Working with drug and alcohol addiction charity Addaction, Survation surveyed 1000 young people between the ages of 16 – 25, investigating the impact absent fathers has on levels of addiction, anti-social behaviour and crime in young people. The full report can be found here.


17th October 2011Survation conducted a poll for the Star on Sunday looking into public opinion about the possible re-introduction of safe-standing into football grounds. In addition to this, the public were polled about whether vital documents relating to the Hillsborough disaster should be released. Click here for the newspaper article, or click here for our report.


14th October 2011We polled the constituents of the Meopham North ward in Kent on behalf of ITN ahead of a controversial council by-election. We particularly explored the possible impact the Green Belt issue may have had on the result. Click here for our report.


6th September 2011: A Bombardier/Siemens survey for UNITE assessing the potential impact of Bombardier losing the Thameslink contract on it’s UK suppliers. The results can be found by clicking here 


16th August 2011In the aftermath of the riots across the UK, we produced a survey on the issue for the Daily Star on Sunday. The report can be found hereFor full data tables collected click here


22nd August 2011: A Bombardier survey for The Daily Mirror assessing the potential impact of Bombardier losing the Thameslink contract on the people of Derby. The results can be found here


7th August 2011A Daily Mail survey gauging public opinion on the issue of capital punishment. The results can be found here


17th July 2011In a survey for The Star on Sunday, we investigated the public’s opinion of the royal family, the members of the royal family, and Prince Harry’s involvement in Afghanistan. Click here to see the results.


15th July 2011Following Rupert Murdoch’s appearance in front of a House of Commons select committee, we produced a survey for Progressive Polling highlighting the impact the scandal had on public opinion. The results can be found here


7th July 2011Amidst the controversy of the phone hacking scandal, we produced a survey for Channel 4 to discover how the scandal would affect, amongst other issues, the readership of the News of the World. The results can be found here


1st May 2011: In a survey for The Independent on Sunday, we correctly predicted a Labour victory ahead of the Leicester South by-election, as well as accurately foreseeing a convincing victory for the ‘No’ vote in the Alternative Vote referendum. Click here to see our results. For the data tables from the survey, click here


10th March 2011In preparation for the Barnsley Central by-election, we produced a survey for The Mail on Sunday predicting a substantial victory for Labour’s Dan Jarvis and an increase in support for UKIP. the results can be found here.


13th January 2011In the build up to the Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election, we surveyed constituents for the Mail on Sunday. The results can be found here.