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Barnsley Central By Election – Survation Survey For The Mail On Sunday Correctly Predicted UKIP Strength and Lib Dem Vote Collapse.

*The Mail On Sunday’s original story commissioning Survation
“Back home, but now Clegg faces another drubbing in new by-election” can be viewed here;

Survation interviewed 507 registered voters in Barnsley Central between February 24 and 25.

Here are the results for the 5 main parties* last night as they compare to the Survation survey for the Mail On Sunday*

Survation Published Voting Intention Figures
Weighted, before undecided allocated to 2010 party vote Actual result
Dan Jarvis (Labour)63%66%60.8%
Jane Collins (UKIP)9%11%12.19%
James Hockney (Con)13%11%8.25%
Dominic Carman (Lib Dems)6%2%4.18%
Enis Dalton (BNP)4%5%6.04%

*We did not break down voting support for “Others”

As you can see, actual results for the 5 national parties were very similar to those published in our survey.

Labour increased their share of the vote,  the Lib Dem vote did indeed collapse and the UKIP made a strong showing.
Who voted for UKIP in Barnsley Central?

Stated UKIP Voters in the Survation survey (n-22) who expressed a past vote intention at the 2010 General Election;

How did Liberal Democrat 2010 Voters vote in Barnsley? (n=25)

Our full original report can be viewed at the following link which contains further information on switching to UKIP from the major parties;

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