British Muslims retain strong link to Labour, but leadership ratings lag those of the party. 

Conducted by Survation on behalf of the Labour Muslim Network

Survation conducted polling among British Muslims via telephone, data was weighted to targets from Office for National Statistics to be representative of British Muslims overall. 

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Summary of findings. 

72% of British Muslims told Survation they most identify with Labour among political parties, just 9% said they most identified with the Conservative Party 3% the Green Party, 2% Lib Dems. 9% of those interviewed said they did not identify with a political party.


77% of British Muslims that told Survation they voted in the May 2021 elections, voted Labour, while this recent set of elections in Great Britain are not directly comparable, this was lower than the 86% who said they had voted for the party at the 2019 General Election



2019 Labour voters said they view the party more unfavourably vs 12 months ago by net 8 points (28% more favourable, 36% more unfavourable). Overall British Muslims rate Labour as more unfavourable by 12 points vs 12 months ago. 


On leadership, overall, Johnson and Starmer are favoured equally (Starmer’s 22% to Johnson’s 20%)  by British Muslims, although Starmer’s unfavourable rating is better, 29% to Johnson’s 53%.  Starmer’s overall net rating is -7%, to Johnson’s -32%. 

Of concern to Labour, among British Muslims that voted Labour in 2019, Keir Starmer is rated -4% (favourable – unfavourable). In comparison, figures for general population Labour 2019 voters in Survation’s most recent polling* was +32%

*Reference to Survation LAB 2019 Gen Pop data. Survation conducted an online poll of 1,010 people aged 18+ in the UK, on behalf of the Daily Mail. Fieldwork was 27th – 28th May 2021. Tables can be found here.


Among Muslim Labour 2019 voters, the Labour party currently enjoy  a +53% (favourable – unfavourable), among British Muslims generally, Labour are +42% on this measure.



Methodology: Telephone interviews of Muslim people in Great Britain aged 18+

Fieldwork: 20 May – 4 June 2021

Sample size: 504

Because only a sample of the full population was interviewed, all results are subject to margin of error, meaning that not all differences are statistically significant. For example, in a question where 50% (the worst case scenario as far as margin of error is concerned) gave a particular answer, given the sample of 504 it is 95% certain that the ‘true’ value will fall within the range of 4.4% from the sample result. Subsamples from the cross-breaks will be subject to higher margin of error, conclusions drawn from crossbreaks with very small sub-samples should be treated with caution.


Data tables:

Survation Labour Muslim Network Survey – British Muslims-1


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