Cost of Living Crisis Takes a Heavy Toll on British Children

The cost of living crisis is deeply affecting the British public, with many feeling the impact even more as we enter into the cold winter months and the festive season. 

Survation conducted a survey on behalf of BBC Newsround, reaching out to 2,081 children aged 7-15 to find out how they are experiencing the rising cost of living. This research was carried out on 24th and 25th October 2022.

The results of the survey were striking, with a staggering 72% of children who were aware of the cost of living crisis stating that they are worried about it. This is particularly concerning, as 73% of those surveyed also said that they are worried about their family having less money in the coming months for the things that they need, such as food and energy.

The cost of living crisis is having a profound impact on the younger generation, with many children expressing concern about their future prospects and the financial stability of their families. As we move into the winter months and approach the festive season, it is crucial that the government takes action to address this crisis and provide support to families in need.


This anxiety is leading to changes in the children’s habits. 66% said that they are turning off electrical items like TVs more often than before. And, alarmingly, 1 in 10 children are not eating three meals a day as often as they used to. 14% of these respondents stated that they were skipping meals because there wasn’t enough food in the house.



Nearly 1 in 7 children told us that their family uses or has previously used a food bank, with 42% of these respondents saying they are using the food bank more frequently than before.



This indicates a worrying trend of families struggling to afford basic necessities such as food. It is clear that the cost of living crisis is hitting families hard, particularly during the colder months and approaching Christmas.


Find the full report by BBC Newsround here, where the data is intertwined with the lived experiences of children showing the true impact of the cost of living crisis on the younger generation.


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The tables for this research can be found here. Survation conducted online polling of 2,081 children aged 7-15 living in the UK on behalf of BBC Newsround, between 24th – 25th October 2022.



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