In May 2015 Survation conducted an online poll of 3,977 British adults on behalf of British Future. In particular, the poll contained a booster sample of BME respondents, whose responses were used in a release on BME voting in the 2015 General Election. The poll covered a wide range of topics, including race relations, terrorism, EU membership and Scottish independence.  British Future released a report featuring the poll’s findings in September 2015.

Due to the extensive nature of the poll, data was released in several separate releases. Tables can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Media coverage of Survation’s work for British Future has been extensive.

Examples of coverage of Survation’s work for British Future

Commemorations to be held around Scotland as nation falls silent to mark Armistice Day
 11 November 2015

7/7 London bombings: ‘Community relations deteriorated’ 10 years after terror attack
 2 July 2015

Don’t look back in anger: why both In and Out must move on 1975
5 June 2015

‘In’ and ‘Out’ Both Sounding Bum Notes in Their Songs for Europe
 5 June 2015

Tories ‘attracting more Sikh voters’
 26 May 2015

Survation finds minority voters backed Tories in record numbers
 26 May 2015

4 charts that show exactly what Britain’s 3m minority ethnic voters think of the political parties – and it is not good news for Labour
 25 May 2015

How Tories were given huge boost at polls for General Election by ethnic minorities who deserted Labour
 25 May 2015

One million minority ethnic votes helped Tories to No 10, thinktank finds
 24 May 2015

Cameron should call Sturgeon’s bluff on a second referendum
 17 May 2015

Scottish independence ‘within next decade’ – poll
 17 May 2015

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