Sky News

Survation have been conducting current affairs polling for Sky News since early 2013. Two of our projects, on Europe and on immigration, have formed the basis of a full week of features and news content for Sky. We have also conducted opinion polls on issues from public experiences of A&E to public trust in the police. Our recent work for sky has often included targeting specific groups, such as our work on young people & politics and British Muslims.

Survation organised the audience for the Sky News/Channel 4 Q&A with David Cameron and Ed Miliband on 26th March 2015.
Examples of Sky’s coverage of Survation work
Three-Quarters Of Muslims Say Islam And British Values Compatible
 10 April 2015

Sky Poll: Young Not Engaged In Politics
 1 September 2014

Tories Back Miller Despite Resignation Calls
 6 April 2014

Poll shows 37.7% of Scots now back breaking away from UK
 21 February 2014

Police ‘Cover Up Wrongdoing’, Most Britons Say
 17 January 2014

Immigration: Britons Want ‘Drastic Action’
 14 October 2013

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