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Survation have been regularly conducting polls for the Mail on Sunday since early 2011. Our polls for them have covered a range of topics from politics, including national voting intention and by-election polls, to business issues and other current affairs.

Our polls have formed the basis for major stories, such as the reaction to the 2012 “Omnishambles” budget, or the report on Scottish businesses’ plans to relocate in the event of Scottish independence. Survation for the Mail on Sunday also conducted the first published poll of the 2014 European Parliament elections.

Examples of the Mail on Sunday’s coverage of Survation work

David Cameron faces the biggest gamble of his career as he nails his colours to the Remain camp
 21 February 2016

EU shock as ‘out’ vote storms six per cent ahead in wake of the Paris massacre, Cologne sex attacks and migrant crisis
 17 January 2016

Equality? Men are more keen than women: Survey says 86 per cent want women in their lives to have equal opportunities
 11 January 2016

Watershed poll reveals two-thirds of patients say they would PAY to see an NHS doctor to help plug £30 billion black hole
 15 November 2015

Red and buried: Labour rocked as shock poll says party will lose next TWO elections, seven key figures quit and MPs plot to oust Corbyn after Left-winger’s sensational victory
 12 September 2015

Britain wants to quit Europe: Shock new poll shows EU ‘no’ camp ahead for the first time as Cameron prepares to face down Tory rebels
 6 September 2015

No budget bounce for Tories after Osborne reveals spending plans – but David Cameron is a big hit with Labour voters, poll shows
 22 March 2015

Now a shadow minister plunges in the dagger: Tristram Hunt joins Labour revolt… as poll says Miliband is liability
 9 November 2014

Record poll surge gives Ukip 25%: Survey would hand Farage astonishing 128 MPs… and puts Ed Miliband on new low
 12 October 2014

Cameron shock as MoS poll says second Ukip defector is heading for a by-election win as voters ignore PM’s warning ‘not to go to bed with Nigel Farage’
 5 October 2014

You say YES to English votes for English laws: MoS poll shows fury over handouts to Scots
 20 September 2014

Put Scottish flag in your window to save union: As confusion rages over shock poll putting Yes vote EIGHT points ahead, the PM makes a desperate plea
 14 September 2014

Commonwealth Games fail to deliver ‘Braveheart bounce’ to Salmond’s YES drive in favour of Scottish independence
 2 August 2014

Britons demand Euro exit: Shock MoS poll says voters agree Cameron was right to block president…
 29 June 2014

Farage storms towards a seat in the Commons after winning the public’s verdict in TV debate with Clegg
 6 April 2014

Britain says ‘no’ to green levies: More than half of voters object to paying eco taxes
 27 October 2013

Tories see surge in support after Europe in-out referendum pledge – but now UKIP plans to target Labour
 27 January 2013

Voters tell No 10 to keep Clarke – and fire Osborne ahead of next month’s Cabinet reshuffle
 25 August 2012

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