Conservative lead cut to 4 points

Survation’s latest political polling, fieldwork 19th-20th July, sees an 11 point Conservative lead a week ago cut to just 4 points.

The Conservatives are today on 39%, down 4 points from last week, and Labour on 35%, up 3 points.


On leadership approval, Boris Johnson has a net approval rating of -13%, down 10 points from last week, and Keir Starmer with a net approval of -14%, down 2 points.


The Conservative Party’s approval rating has also dropped 6 points in a week to -9% and Labour’s has dropped 1 point to -10%.

The overall Government performance ratings has fallen by 8 points since last week to -12%.

Boris Johnson remains ahead of Keir Starmer on who would make the best Prime Minister, by 41%, down 3 points from last week, to 33% for Keir Starmer, who is up 5 points.


1,032 interviewed online, adults living in UK, aged 18+, fieldwork 19-20 July 2021.


Data tables:

Survation 19 July 2021 UK Politics Survey

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