Conservatives hold 5 point lead over Labour going into conference season

In Survation’s latest political polling in the run-in to the party conference season, the Conservatives hold a steady 5 point lead, up one point in the past week.



Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer remain in minus net ratings, with Boris Johnson on -5 (up 1 point from last week) and Keir Starmer down 3 points in a week to -12.


Boris Johnson slightly out performs his own party with the Conservative Party on a -10 net favourability rating, down 3 points from last week, while Labour slightly outperforms its leader with the party on a -7 point net rating, down 3 points in the past week.




The Government’s overall performance rating is down 6 points in the last week to -10%.


In terms of who the public think would make the best Prime Minister, there is little change, with Boris Johnson unchanged on 43%, and Keir Starmer down 2 to 30% this week.



Survation interviewed 1060 adults aged 18 plus , online,  20-21 Sept 21. 



Data tables.

Survation 22 September 2021 UK Politics Poll Tables


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