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Online Polling about the Spring Budget 2014 on behalf of the Mail on Sunday

In new polling on behalf of today’s Mail on Sunday we’ve asked the public their views in detail post this year’s Budget, and updated Westminster, European Parliament and EU referendum voting intention. Full data tables can be viewed here:

Summary of Voting Intention & Comparables:

Voting Intention – Westminster (Change since Survation poll January 16th)

CON 34 (+4) LAB 35 (+1) LD 9 (-3) UKIP 15 (-2) AP 7 (nc)

Voting Intention – European Parliament (Change since Survation/MOS poll January 4th)

LAB 32 (nc) CON 28 (+5) UKIP 23 (-3) LD 7 (-2) BNP 1 SNP 5 GRE 3 PC 1

 European Referendum – (Change since Survation/MOS poll January 4th)

Vote to leave 48% (-2) Vote to stay 39% (+6) Don’t know 13% (-4)

Damian Lyons Lowe commented, saying that among voters that had seen or heard the details of Osborne’s core-Tory vote pleasing budget, 51% told us that it would make no difference to them personally and only 21% said the budget would make them better off vs 22% saying worse.

However, those voting Conservative at the last election said they would be personally better off by a significant 35% to 6%. Among the 34-54 age group positioned to benefit most from Osborne’s relaxation of pension pot withdrawal restrictions at 55, the Tories have increased their vote share since January from 26% to 36% – a significant gain, enabling the party to draw near level with Labour in our polling.


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