COVID restrictions Daily Mirror poll

12th October 2020

A Survation poll commissioned by the Daily Mirror has found that Boris Johnson is seen by voters to be handling the pandemic badly, by 48% compared to  32% who think he has handled it well. However, Johnson has a lead over Keir Starmer, 32% to 27%, on who the public think would do a better job of handling the crisis.

A large majority, 57% to 27%, believe the Government ended the original lockdown too early in the north of England.

The public continues to believe the track and trace programme is performing badly, with 54% saying it is doing very or quite badly, compared to 17% who believe it is doing well (only 3% say very well)


The survey was conducted by Survation on behalf of the Daily Mirror Methodology: People aged 18+ living in England and Wales were interviewed online

Fieldwork: 89 October 202

Sample size: 1,238 

Data tables:



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