Dancing On Ice – First Impressions Of The Final 12?

We have some results to show you on ITV’s Dancing On Ice which is now down to the final 12 contestants.

Response numbers are very low, unweighted and will not be statistically significant, but just to start the ball rolling, here’s the raw data;

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Who is your favourite celebrity ice dancer of the remaining 12 skaters?

Sam Attwater912.7%
Laura Hamilton34.2%
Kerry Katona811.3%
Vanilla Ice68.5%
Chloe Madeley79.9%
Jennifer Metcalfe11.4%
Jeff Brazier1014.1%
Johnson Beharry57%
Denise Welch45.6%
David Vitty22.8%
Steven Arnold11.4%
Don’t Know / Haven’t decided1521.1%
Total Responses71

Who is your second favourite contestant?

ValueCountPercent %
Sam Attwater912.7%
Laura Hamilton68.5%
Kerry Katona1014.1%
Vanilla Ice45.6%
Chloe Madeley45.6%
Jennifer Metcalfe22.8%
Jeff Brazier1318.3%
Johnson Beharry22.8%
Denise Welch57%
David Vitty11.4%
Dominic Cork11.4%
Steven Arnold11.4%
Don’t Know / Haven’t decided1318.3%
Total Responses71

Of the remaining 12 Celebrity Ice Dancers, who is your LEAST favourite?

Kerry Katona1115.5%
Vanilla Ice57%
Chloe Madeley1014.1%
Jeff Brazier22.8%
Johnson Beharry34.2%
Denise Welch57%
David Vitty57%
Steven Arnold68.5%
Don’t Know / Haven’t decided2433.8%
Total Responses71

Who is your favourite Dancing On Ice judge?

ValueCountPercent %
Robin Cousins4867.6%
Emma Bunton57%
Jason Gardiner1825.4%
Total Responses71

Which presenter is your favourite?

ValueCountPercent %
Phillip Schofield2028.2%
Holly Willoughby79.9%
I like both presenters about the same4462%
Total Responses71

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