Dancing On Ice Survey January 23rd – January 27th – A Close Battle Ahead (For Second Place).

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A close battle ahead (for second place!)

On Sunday night, we will be only two weeks into ITV’s “Dancing On Ice” series proper of a ten week schedule.

Unfortunately for the show, the level of competitive excitement it can leverage into viewing figures has been hobbled by the inclusion of contestant and former Eastender -Sam Attwater.
Being so much more accomplished and generally likeable than the other contestants has translated into popularity for Attwater in our survey to the point where it would seem that only injury could stop him from winning the show;

Dancing On Ice – January 23rd – January 27th  – Who Is Your Favourite (Remaining) Skater ?

(Unweighted data from 144 regular viewers of the show)

Value Count Percent %
Sam Attwater 67 46.5%
Laura Hamilton 6 4.2%
Kerry Katona 14 9.7%
Vanilla Ice 10 6.9%
Chloe Madeley 12 8.3%
Jennifer Metcalfe 7 4.9%
Jeff Brazier 5 3.5%
Johnson Beharry 5 3.5%
Denise Welch 3 2.1%
David Vitty 3 2.1%
Dominic Cork 1 0.7%
Don’t Know / Haven’t decided 11 7.6%
Total Responses 144

So in a field of 11 contestants, Sam is already more than 4x as popular as the next most popular contestant – Kerry Katona – who has limited popularity “breadth” – she is the second favourite of just 4.7% of respondents;

Who is your second favourite contestant?

Value Count Percent %
Sam Attwater 12 8.4%
Laura Hamilton 20 14%
Kerry Katona 7 4.9%
Vanilla Ice 14 9.8%
Chloe Madeley 14 9.8%
Jennifer Metcalfe 21 14.7%
Jeff Brazier 19 13.3%
Johnson Beharry 4 2.8%
Denise Welch 9 6.3%
David Vitty 5 3.5%
Dominic Cork 1 0.7%
Don’t Know / Haven’t decided 16 11.9%
Total Responses 143

The above data may translate to a final 3 that is as about as tight as the battle for “favourite judge” see below;

Who is your favourite Dancing On Ice judge?

Value Count Percent %
Robin Cousins 106 74.1%
Emma Bunton 12 8.4%
Jason Gardiner 25 17.5%
Total Responses 143

Presenters? Respondents mainly rate presenters Philip Schofield and the lovely Holly Willoughby “about the same”;

Which presenter is your favourite?

Value Count Percent %
Phillip Schofield 40 28%
Holly Willoughby 11 7.7%
I like both presenters about the same 92 64.3%
Total Responses 143

Who might be leaving this week? – Contestants Decide The Evictee Between The Bottom 2

While there may be a lack of competitive excitement at the top of the the table this year, it is certainly tight at the bottom of the table with Welch/Vitty/Cork bottom of the first favourite questions. The numbers of respondents are rather small to judge the bottom accurately but it seems likely that those 3 and possibly Beharry are the prime contenders for bottom 2.

We would rule out Beharry to be eliminated this week as the elimination between the bottom 2 will be decided by the contestants and we don’t see these celebs eliminating a Victoria Cross carrying wounded war hero. On the above evidence, Cork seems the most likely to make bottom 2, followed by Vitty.

Who actually gets eliminated may come down to personal popularity between the evictees (or the desire for the (male) skater not to appear to be too “Andy Gray” and picking on a female if say, Denise Welch joins Dave or Dominic at the bottom).


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