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Survation Dancing One Ice Survey 05/02/11, Week 3 Preview.

We were interested to see the Daily Star’s scoop this week that ex-soldier and war hero Johnson Beharry has been topping the public vote. As you can see from this week’s data, we show Beharry in the lower part of the popularity table. If the Daily Star’s information is correct, we would put the difference down to “elimination psychology”.

This year, the contestant with the most skating ability according to the judges (and topping our survey) – Sam Attwater – is so far ahead on the leaderboard each week it is difficult to imagine why viewers should feel they need to phone to vote for him at this stage.

Attwater is very unlikely to be in the bottom 2 given he tops the judges’ scores and if he did find himself in that position he would very likely be saved.

Beharry presents a different picture entirely. Each week the permanently-damaged ex-soldier puts together a decent but low-scoring performance. The viewers are aware of his huge struggle to even get on the ice and in a likely low vote numbers situation, Beharry could be top even with quite a small amount of votes as the public vote to keep him in for now. We will try to explore this phenomenon in more detail in our next survey starting tomorrow.

Here are week’s survey results.

Who is your favourite celebrity ice dancer of the remaining 10 skaters? (156 responses, unweighted).

Sam Attwater             40.5%

Vanilla Ice                  11.4%

Chloe Madeley           9.5%

Laura Hamilton         6.3%

Kerry Katona             5.7%

Jeff Brazier                 5.7%

Johnson Beharry       4.4%

Jennifer Metcalfe      3.2%

Denise Welch             3.2%

David Vitty                 1.3%

Don’t know/Have not decided        8.9%

Who is your second favourite contestant?

Chloe Madeley           16.7%

Vanilla Ice                  15.4%

Laura Hamilton         12.8%

Sam Attwater             11.5%

Jeff Brazier                 10.9%

Jennifer Metcalfe      7.1%

Kerry Katona             5.1%

Denise Welch             4.5%

Johnson Beharry       3.2%

David Vitty                 1.9%

Don’t Know / Have not decided      10.3%

Of the remaining 10 Celebrity Ice Dancers, who is your LEAST favourite?

Kerry Katona             30.1%

Denise Welch             15.4%

Johnson Beharry          9%

David Vitty                 7.1%

Chloe Madeley           5.8%

Jeff Brazier                 5.1%

Jennifer Metcalfe      3.2%

Laura Hamilton         2.6%

Sam Attwater             1.9%

Vanilla Ice                  1.3%

Who is your favourite Dancing On Ice judge?

Robin Cousins            66.9%

Jason Gardiner          22.1%

Emma Bunton           11.0%

Which presenter is your favourite?

I like both presenters about the same       69.5%

Phillip Schofield                                            21.4%

Holly Willoughby                                           9.1%

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