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“DC versus DC” (Carswell v.s. Cameron) Survation Poll The Public On Policy Differences

We were reminded of the policy friction between “DC and DC” -that’s back-bench Conservative MP for Clacton Douglas Carswell and the Prime Minister David Cameron very openly at this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions. You can view the rather dismissive response Cameron gave to his party colleague here. Today’s Mail on Sunday article can be read here;

So what are these policy differences and what do the general public think about them if forced to choose the policy closest to their own view?

Survation were engaged by the Mail On Sunday to put them to a “blind” comparative test with the respondent not knowing whether the policy was that of Cameron/The Government or that of Douglas Carswell.

While we would accept that is it difficult to refine one policy vs another in a simple and unbiased way, in this DC vs DC policy bake-off – who came off best?

Full data tables are available here;

Data Weighting: Data were weighted to the profile of all adults aged
18+. Data were weighted by sex, age, socio-economic group, and region.

Targets for the weighted data were derived from the National Readership Survey,a random probability survey comprising 36,000 random face-to-face interviews conducted annually.

Data were weighted by Pamela Varley and analysed and presented by Patrick Briône and Charlotte Jee of Survation.

For further information please contact;

Damian Lyons Lowe
Chief Executive
Survation Ltd

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