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Environment and climate change among top issues for young Scots

Ahead of this week’s Holyrood election, Survation polled 1036 young people online (16-25 years old) in Scotland about their attitudes towards the environment and climate change. The survey was conducted on behalf of the WWF Scotland between the 21st and 26th of April 2021.


The environment and climate change were ranked among the most important issues facing Scotland. Overall, the environment and climate change are as important as housing for young people in Scotland, behind only the NHS, the economy and jobs, and education.


The majority of young people would like to see the government prioritise green issues. For example:


Over three quarters of young people (76%) are concerned about loss of wildlife and would like to see the Scottish government prioritise protecting and restoring Scotland’s nature. 


Two thirds would like the government to invest more in green jobs.


Three quarters of young people would like the government to invest in more energy efficient homes, with a third saying replacing their boiler with a low carbon alternative would make the biggest difference to their home’s carbon footprint.


73% of young people support improving access to green spaces.


72% of young people would like the government to prioritise expanding climate-friendly transport, with 57% saying they would take fewer car journeys if better low carbon alternatives were available.


69% of young people would like the government to prioritise more climate- and nature-friendly farming.


65% of young people say the amount of plastic and packaging impacts their food choices. 64% say pesticides and chemicals are important to them when buying food.


Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Data tables can be found here.

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