Feltham and Heston By-Election: Big Labour Majority Expected But Race For Third Remains Tight.

Between the 7th and 9th of December, Survation interviewed 511 constituents ahead of the Feltham and Heston by-election (Thursday).
The poll indicates that, as expected, Labour are in prime position to retain the seat following the death of Alan Keen MP. 53% of constituents inclined they were to vote Labour in the election, with the Conservatives gaining 29% of popular support. The most interesting aspect of the poll comes with the news that UKIP and the Liberal Democrats tied in third, both polling at 7%, with Liberal Democrat support halved since the previous general election. A third of polling took place following David Cameron’s rejection of amendments to the Lisbon Treaty.
The key points from the survey revealed:
  •  A rise in support for Labour of 10% since the 2010 General Election, indicating a comfortable Labour hold in the by-election. This rise in support falls in line with the overall national swing in the polls towards Labour since 2010 .
  •  A drop in Liberal Democrat support of 7%, down from 14% in 2010.
  •  A rise in voters showing support for UKIP, up to 7% from 2% in the previous election.

Our friends at Britain Votes have their own take here;

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