In line With Our NOTW Survey, Public and Advertiser Opinion forced Murdoch’s Hand – But What Now?

After Channel 4 worked our News Corp survey into their 7pm news bulletin, quite a few thoughtful articles were written reflecting on different aspects of the results (full data tables are now available here)

As well as mentions from YouGov’s UK Polling Report, Brand Republic, Forbes magazine and many others, Tim Montgomerie, writing in The Guardian took from the findings that David Cameron must lead the “clean up operation” to protect right-of-centre newspapers in the UK. Guido Fawke’s Blog focused on the statistic that only 7% of those asked did not believe News International executives were unaware of the new hacking allegations until July 4th. Mike Smithson at PoliticalBetting ran through the key points.

Among the rest of the  blogosphere, the most interesting article came from Britain Votes, reflecting that “British Elections May Never Be The Same Again”, which is well worth a read.

What would be really interesting (post the abrupt shuttering of The News of the World) would be a follow-up on what the public feel about the UK Government (especially given David Cameron’s statement today) and opposition response to the ongoing and unfolding events, what views there are on Rupert Murdoch’s decision to keep key executives in place and an update on the “fitness” aspect of News Corp’s takeover of BSkyB.

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