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Is This Mary Byrne’s Last X Factor Show?

Thank you to all those who have responded to our email poll regarding last night’s X Factor final. We received 235 responses between the lines opening yesterday evening and 4.30pm this evening. The raw, unweighted results are presented below;

If you watched The Show, Who was your favourite act on Saturday?

Overall – Who is now your personal favourite among all remaining contenders?

Who is your second favourite contestant?

Which act do you DISLIKE the most?

Would you consider voting tactically in an attempt to get your least favourite act eliminated from the competition? If YES, who would get your tactical vote?

Conclusions for Tonight’s Eviction? – Cher vs Mary.

Taking all the above into account, we would say that tonight’s elimination (assuming the act with the lowest number of votes goes) is too close to call strongly apart from saying that we strongly believe a Cher vs Mary showdown is likely.

Cher has slightly more positive support than Mary in our poll but has considerably more support than Mary among under 24s so if these data were weighted Cher would have a decent lead over Mary. That said, Cher is difficult to call “safe” as she is so disliked.

If there is any tactical voting for Mary or if the Irish media manage to whip up some last-ditch support for Mary Byrne, Cher could end up with the least votes. In summary, we’d say that Mary is the more likely elimination tonight but we do not have enough information to call Cher “safe”.

Conclusions for the top

We were surprised to see Matt Cardle still doing so well despite a sub-par performance, so it seems that the public did feel some genuine sympathy for Matt performing while ill and still rate him their clear favourite.

Here’s our “Top 3” question;

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