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Labour Cut Conservative Lead to Six Points – Survation for Good Morning Britain

With 10 days to go until the United Kingdom goes to the polls for the snap election, the Labour Party’s resurgence continues, increasing their vote share by 3 points to cut the Conservative lead to just six, according to a new Survation poll on behalf of Good Morning Britain.

The latest narrowing of the gap comes after a week of little campaigning due to the tragic events in Manchester; however, the latest figures are perhaps a greater reflection of the election campaign as a whole, with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party reducing the polling deficit from 18 points just two weeks ago to just six today.

With the poll being released just hours after Corbyn and Theresa May went head-to-head on Sky & Channel 4’s televised Battle for Number 10 audience Q&A, it will be interesting to see if this has any impact as the campaign draws to its conclusion.

Headline voting intention results (change from Survation/GMB May 22nd)

CON 43% (NC); LAB 37% (+3); LD 8% (NC); UKIP 4% (NC); Others 7% (-3)


Corbyn the Campaigner – But Could he be PM?

Some commentators have praised Jeremy Corbyn’s campaigning style during recent weeks saying that he, in contrast to Theresa May, is far more comfortable engaging with voters at events, speeches and on the doorstep. Our ‘Best PM’ tracker perhaps indicates that the more Mr Corbyn is exposed to the public, the more they are warming to him, with nearly a third (30%) saying that he, over Mrs May, would make the best Prime Minister, up 9 points since the start of the campaign. While the current Prime Minister (53%) is still someway in front, it will be very interesting to see if the trend continues after further high-profile television appearances for both leaders.

The Response to Manchester

Almost half (46%) of respondents told us that they think the UK’s military involvements abroad increase the risk of terror incidents in this country, compared to just 14% who think that such involvement decreases the risk of terrorism on domestic soil.

More than two-thirds of Brits (68%) said that raising the terror threat from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’ would make no difference to how they go about their daily life, with only one-in-twenty (5%) saying it would make a lot of difference.

The public were satisfied with how Theresa May (+39), Andy Burnham (+53) and the Queen (+71) responded in the wake of the Manchester attack in, giving them positive ‘Good Job’ ratings in their roles as Prime Minister, Mayor Greater Manchester and Head of State respectively. However, despite enjoying a relatively good week in the rest of our poll, only 3% more people thought Jeremy Corbyn did a good job than a bad job in responding to the Manchester attack in his role as Leader of the Opposition, giving him the lowest ‘Good Job’ rating.

Full tables are available here.

Survation interviewed 1,009 UK residents aged 18+ using a combination of demographically pre-balanced mobile and landline data, conducting fieldwork 26th – 27th of May. Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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