Majority of public believe postal workers strike is justified

Survation carried out polling in the day leading up to Friday’s first day of strike action by the postal and communications workers union, the CWU,  and find that a majority of the public believe the strike action is justified.

When the 15% of people who say they don’t know are removed from the sample, 63% of the public believe the industrial action by postal workers is justified, to 37% who believe it isn’t justified. When the 15% of people who don’t know are included in the sample. a majority, 53% say the action is justified to 32% who believe it isn’t justified.




In line with other polling we’ve conducted recently, a majority of the public, 63%,  believes Royal Mail should be run in the public sector, with 18% thinking it should be run by the private sector, as it is now.





We asked the public whether they would support a pay cap so that the maximum pay levels of senior directors and chief executives is no more than 10 times the wage of an average worker. The pay cap idea is supported by 72% of the public and opposed by 17%.




A majority of people, 62%, support the idea that workers should be able to hold votes of no confidence in their senior directors and chief executives, with 21% opposing the idea.




Fieldwork Dates: 24 – 25 August 2022

The survey was conducted via online interview.

Invitations to complete surveys were sent out to members of the panel Population Sampled • Residents aged 18+ in the UK

Sample size 2005


Data tables






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