Majority open to travelling without flying

In April 2021, Survation, on the behalf of Possible, polled 1009 adults in the UK on their views regarding travel and its impact on the climate.

As people are beginning to consider international travel again, 58% of our respondents are planning to travel within the next 12 months, it is important to consider what factors influence their travel choices.

Research has shown that people are aware that certain modes of travel, such as flying, produce more greenhouse gas emissions and that picking an alternative transport, such as train, would be better for the climate.

Our polling has found that two-thirds (66%) of the UK adults are open to travelling without flying at least some of the time.

The cost of travelling was shown to be the most important factor in people considering an alternative to flying as their choice of transport, with availability of a train service and the convenience of such services, following as other important factors.

Research also found that there is interest in clearer and better available information and guidance about sustainable alternatives to plane travel, with 31% finding that it would be essential and 47% helpful to them choosing to travel without flying.

There is also support (54%) for employers playing a part in promoting climate-friendly transport through initiatives, such as Climate Perks. This would involve employers offering staff paid sustainable travel days, on top of their annual leave that could be used to cover any additional travel time incurred through choosing not to fly to their holiday destination.

Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Data tables can be found here.

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