New poll: Public expect 4 day working week by end of decade

New polling for the Four Day Week campaign shows that a majority of the public expect a four day working week to become the normal way of working in Britain by 2030.


58% believe it will be the normal way of working, with 20% thinking that it won’t.





A large majority of the public, 65%, support the government exploring the introduction of a four day working week with no loss of pay for workers, with 21% opposing.






Fieldwork Dates
• 17th-20th March 2023


Data Collection Method
• The survey was conducted via online interview. Invitations to complete the survey were sent out to
members of the panel. Differential response rates from different demographic groups were taken
into account.


Population Sampled
• All residents aged 18+ living in the UK


Sample Size
• 1,003



Data tables:

FourDayWeek Tables March 2023 (1)



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