New polling: Theresa May most favourable party leader

New data from Survation’s UK omnibus shows Prime Minister Theresa May as the most favourable party leader, some 64 points ahead of Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.


Mrs May’s positive rating (+34) compares to Jeremy Corbyn’s (-31) who was the least favorable of all of the politicians listed.

Theresa May’s cabinet colleagues also rate well among those polled with Chancellor Philip Hammond (+4) and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson (+3).



Elsewhere in the poll:

  • Labour Leadership challenger Owen Smith’s negative rating of -11 is significantly higher than that of the man he is trying to beat, with Jeremy Corbyn (-31) the least favourable of all politicians listed. Significantly fewer told us that they had heard of Mr Smith, however.
  • SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon polled as the second most favourable party leader on our list (-11), ahead of Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron (-12).
  • In the absence of a UKIP leader, we asked respondents about the favourability of Nigel Farage. He polled as the second least favourable ‘leader’ on our list (-23), but is almost as well-known as Boris Johnson.


Commenting on the findings, Director of Political Polling Chris Hopkins said, “It’s significant to see such a large difference in favorability ratings between the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. Jeremy Corbyn’s ratings will need to improve over the coming months.”

“Survation looks forward to continuing with its favourability ratings on a regular basis to see how a return to Westminster after summer recess and party conferences affect the ratings.”


Survation polled 1,001 UK adults aged 18+ between 19th-20th August 2016. Full tables are available here

To enquire about adding questions to Survation’s UK or Scotland Omnibuses please email or call 0203 818 9661.



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