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Scottish Businesses Research on behalf of the Mail on Sunday

With the referendum on Scottish independence only a few months away, research conducted by Survation on behalf of the Mail on Sunday has explored in detail how business leaders in Scotland perceive the potential consequences of independence for their companies. We asked their opinions on a range of the most important issues facing companies based in Scotland, including the importance of a currency union with the UK and membership of the European Union, and whether or not they would consider leaving Scotland in the event of Scottish independence.

Executive Summary

– Survation interviewed the Chief Executives, Directors, Owners and other Senior Executives / High-level managers of 101 Scottish companies about the potential impact of Scottish independence on their business.

– Among all Scottish companies questioned, 45% said that Scottish independence would be ‘harmful’ to their business and 15% said it would be ‘beneficial’ for their business. 23% said independence would make no difference.

– When asked how important it would be for their business for an independent Scotland to remain it a currency union with the rest of the UK, 75% of the companies said it was ‘essential’ or ‘important.’ 11% said it was ‘not important.’

– 7 out of 10 companies said it would be ‘essential’ or ‘important’ for an independent Scotland to remain part of the EU. 20% said it was ‘not important.’

-15% of Scottish companies said ‘more government investment in Scottish infrastructure and education’ would be the biggest benefit of Scottish independence. 52% said there would be no benefits at all.

-37% of Scottish companies said the biggest danger of Scottish independence was the ‘risk of changing currency or having interest rates set abroad.’ 14% said there would be no costs for Scottish business.

-40% said they would not consider relocating their company outside of Scotland if it became independent. 36% said they would consider relocating.

Read the detailed report of the poll here.

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