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New Scottish Voting Intention – Survation for the Daily Record

The latest Survation polling, conducted from 24th – 28th January 2018 on behalf of the Daily Record, shows Labour down two points in both the Westminster & Holyrood constituency polls, and one point in the Holyrood list vote, when compared with our last comparable polling in early December.


The SNP, by contrast, are up two points in the Westminster voting intention; translated into seats, it would mean they could win back nine of the 21 they lost at the 2017 election, including Gordon, Alex Salmond’s former seat.


Westminster Voting Intention:

SNP 39% (+2); LAB – 27% (-2); CON 24% (NC); LD 7% (NC); Other 3% (NC)


Party2017 Vote2017 SeatsPredicted VoteGainsLossesChangePredicted Seats
Liberal Democrats6.8%47.0%---4

Source: Martin Baxter, Electoral Calculus


Indy Ref II, Holyrood & EU Ref II


Elsewhere in the poll, there were also voting intentions for a future independence referendum, elections to the Scottish Parliament, and a future EU referendum. The results, and their comparisons to our last polling in December, can be found below.


Indy Ref II Voting Intention:

Yes 46% (NC); No 54% (NC)


Holyrood Constituency Voting Intention:

SNP 42% (+2); LAB 25% (-2); CON 25% (+1); LD 6% (-1); Other 2% (NC)


Holyrood List Voting Intention:

SNP 33% (+1); CON 23% (+2); LAB 23% (-1); Green 9% (-1); LD 8% (-2); UKIP 3% (+1); Other 1% (+1)


EU Ref II Voting Intention:

Leave 34% (+3); Remain 66% (-3)


Full tables are available here.


Survation interviewed 1,019 Scottish adults aged 16+ from 24th – 28th January 2018. Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

This work was conducted as part of Survation’s Scottish Omnibus. To find out more about Survation’s Scottish Omnibus, or any of Survation’s other services, please contact researchteam@survation.com or telephone 0203 818 9661.

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