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New Survation flash poll: public opinion on Newark and Farage

Survation today conducted a flash poll of 1,024 British people on behalf of the Huffington Post UK, following Nigel Farage’s decision to not stand as a candidate in the upcoming Newark by-election.

We asked if people agreed or disagreed with the following statements:

“Nigel Farage chose not to stand in Newark primarily because he is scared of losing”

Agree – 32%

Disagree – 30%

Don’t know – 38%

“I would vote for Nigel Farage if he was standing in my constituency”

Agree – 21%

Disagree – 49%

Don’t know – 30%

35% of 2010 Conservative voters said they would vote for Farage if he stood in their constituency, compared to 15% of Labour voters, and 17% of Lib Dem voters


The Huffington Post article can be found here.

Tables are available here.

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