Panel Technical Support

Before you contact us

Our panel website has been tested with several modern desktop browsers and versions:

  • Chrome68.0.3440.106
  • Firefox61.0.2
  • Opera55.0.2994.56
  • Safari12
  • Edge42.17134.1.0
  • Internet Explorer11.228.17134

Unfortunately, at this time we do not support Amazon’s Silk browser.

For the best user experience, we recommend using the Panel from a desktop device, we do not currently support mobile devices. A native application for both Android and iOS is on our development backlog.

Are you a panelist from the old panel?

If you had points accumulated in the old panel you were transferred to this one. For security reasons, we could not transfer your password so all you have to do to access your account is to enter the email address in the “Forgotten Password” form and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

How do I change my email address or password?

From your dashboard click on update profile. Once inside, click on the tab that contains the action you want to perform.

To contact us

To contact us complete please send us an email with the following content:

– Your name

– Your panelist email address (unless is the same one you’re sending us an email from).

– The browser you’re using.

– The platform (mobile or desktop)

– A description of your issue.

To and we will get back to you as soon as possible.