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Australian-Style Points-Based Immigration System Backed By Majority of UK adults.

New data from Survation’s UK omnibus shows that an Australian-style points-based immigration system is supported by a majority of UK adults, including those who voted Leave in the EU referendum.


Of the 1066 UK adults polled, 59% supported the idea of an Australian-style points-based system in comparison to the 18% who opposed it. However amongst Leave voters, backing for such a system was even greater than that demonstrated by the general population, with 68% supporting the system in comparison to the 12% opposing it.


Other points from the poll:

  • Support for such a system is consistent across age groups
  • Women demonstrate more support for the system than men
  • Of the people who expressed an opinion on the issue, the number of those who supported such a system was more than treble that of those who opposed it.


Commenting on the findings, Senior Data Analyst Andy Case said “There has been much debate as to what is the best form of immigration system for the UK, post Brexit. This new poll shows that the Australian-style points-based system has the support of the majority of the British public and it could become an issue for the Prime Minister that a system which she states does not work, is supported by the general public, her own party’s voters and those who voted Leave”.


Survation polled 1,066 UK adults aged 18+ between 5th-6th September 2016. Full tables are available here


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