Conservatives retain small lead as stalemate continue

Survation Political Poll 8 September 2020

UK Voting Intention and Party Leadership Poll



Survation’s latest political tracker poll shows Labour on 38%, closing the gap on the Conservatives to just two points at 40%; compared to a 4 point lead in our previous poll of 21 August, which had Conservatives on 41% and Labour on 37%. 





The Government continues to slip on favourability ratings with current net ratings of -16 (-6)





Boris Johnson’s ratings are down to  -8 (-4). Keir Starmer has also seen a decline in his favourability rating, which albeit remains positive at +6 (-3)





Boris Johnson remains ahead of Keir Starmer as best Prime Minister 41 (-1) to 36 (+1)






Carl Shoben, Survation’s Director of Strategic communication said: 

“In the light of perceived government incompetence over its handling of COVID,  Labour has made good progress in narrowing the gap. However, the Conservatives are still not dropping below 40%, and it is highly likely this is its own Brexit dividend. People who voted Leave still largely trust Boris Johnson and the Conservatives and until the Brexit issue is resolved, the political stalemate is likely to persist.”


Survation conducted an online poll of 1,047 adults aged 18+ living in the UK. Fieldwork was conducted between 2nd and 4th September 2020. Data tables are available here.


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