Poll: UK Councillors support investment in green energy, similar views to general public

Survation carried out a politically representative sample of 700 councillors across the UK for Autonomy.


We found that 88% of councillors think the Government should prioritise investment for offshore wind turbines including 79% of Conservative councillors. 86% support investment in solar panels and 72% support investment for onshore wind turbines.


By contrast, 38% of councillors think the Government should prioritise investment for oil extracted from the North Sea and 23% for gas from fracking.



This polling reflects similar attitudes among the public. We asked the same question for 38 Degrees in September 2022.


Investment in offshore wind turbines had the highest support at 71%, 70% supporting solar panels and 68% for onshore wind turbines. By contrast, gas from fracking on land was supported by 30%.



Fieldwork Dates 

  • 23rd December 2022 – 11th January 2023


Data Collection Method 

  • The survey was conducted via online interview. Invitations to complete the survey were sent out to elected councillors. Differential response rates from different demographic groups were taken into account.


Population Sampled 

  • Elected members of local councils in the UK.


Sample Size 

  • 701


Data tables:

Autonomy Councillors Poll Tables January 2023 (3) (1)



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