Post-Locals Mood Check – Labour have a 20-Point Westminster Lead

With fieldwork conducted firmly after the local election narratives have been digested (9th-10th May), our most recent Westminster voting intention polling shows Labour with a 20-point lead over the Conservative Party, who are on just 24%—which is just a point above the lowest we have ever recorded for the party (October 2022, 23% post the mini-budget).

While just one poll, the Green Party (+4 vs. 29th April 2024) are potentially experiencing the warm glow of publicity after a very decent local election performance.



Aside from stating the obvious about the longevity of Labour’s polling lead, we might also note that while Reform UK’s upswing in popularity is eating into the Conservative vote share, the parties are far from the near-crossover position seen elsewhere, and more in line with the party’s local election performance.





Keir Starmer maintains a solid lead over Rishi Sunak in terms of ‘Best Prime Minister,’ while ‘Don’t Know’ threatens to overtake both leaders.




The PM and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will be hoping that today’s reported GDP growth and the tamer inflation picture will begin to adjust the public’s perception of economic trust. Reeves has a clear lead over Hunt in terms of being trusted with the economy; similarly, Starmer continues to lead Sunak on what was clearly Sunak’s key selling point.




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Survation conducted an online poll of 1,054 adults aged 18+ in the UK. Fieldwork was conducted between 9th and 10th May 2024. Tables are available here.


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