Public attitudes towards Amazon

Polling carried out for Progressive International on attitudes towards Amazon suggests the public believes the internet company has become too powerful and has concerns about the treatment of its workers. There is no suggestion, however,  from our polling that this concern would turn into a change of consumer behaviour towards use of Amazon.

Amazon profits and sales have increased during the pandemic and questions have been raised by trade unions about the pay and conditions of its workers. Our poll found the public view by 43% to 24% that its workers have been treated unfairly during the pandemic.


Similarly, 79% believe Amazon should do more to listen to the concerns of its workers, and 8% think they shouldn’t.



On the question of whether companies like Amazon are too powerful, 69% said that they are, with 17% disagreeing.



Survation polled 1,003 people in the UK, aged 18+, online, 15th-16th September 2020.

Data tables:


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