Public back BA workers in demand to restore pay to pre-pandemic level

In a poll carried out for Unite the Union, the public show support for the demand of British Airways check-in workers to have their pay restored to the levels it was before the pandemic.

BA check-in staff have said they will they take strike action to have their pay restored to its 2019 level. The airline has restored it for managers and has so far offered a one off payment to check in staff.


73% believe BA should restore the 10% pay cut to check-in staff, with 10% thinking that they should not.


Asked whether the public believe a strike in order to have the 10% pay restored is justified or not,  59% believe a strike is justified, against 22% who believe it isn’t justified.


More than one in five of those polled (22 per cent) say that a strike by BA employees would make them less likely to fly with the airline.



Field work date: 27 June 2022

Sample size: 1072

Online survey of UK residents over the age of 18.


Data tables:


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