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Public Lack Knowledge About Immigration Whilst Opposing Lifting Restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian Immigration – Survation for ITN/C5

A new poll from Survation on behalf of Channel 5 News shows that almost half (47%) of the public are opposed to the lifting of restrictions on the movement of Romanian and Bulgarian citizens in January 2014.

The same poll shows that most of the public overestimate the percentage of the population born outside the UK and underestimate the tax contribution of recent European immigrants

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) 2011 census, 13% of the UK population were born outside of the UK. However, only 12% guessed between 11-15% while a third (33%) guessed over 40%. 64% of people think that more than a fifth of the population were born outside the UK.

A recent report from the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM)  found that, in the decade leading up to 2011, recent European (EEA) immigrants contributed 34% more in tax revenues than they took out in benefits whereas British people paid 11% less in tax than they took out. However, only 25% of the public believe this to be true, whereas 53% believe the opposite to be the case.

Full data tables available here.

1006 people were surveyed 21-22 November 2013. Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.

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