Public remain sceptical of private solutions for NHS

With the current situation regarding NHS waiting times and capacity, and the two main parties more actively proposing partnerships with the private sector, in new polling for We Own It released today, the public remain sceptical and favour direct NHS investment and solutions.


66% of voters are concerned about the outsourcing of NHS services to private companies with 27% unconcerned.


A majority, 57%, believe the best approach for the Government to take regarding the NHS crisis is to invest directly into the NHS so it can increase its own resources, with 25% believing the Government should pay private healthcare companies so that NHS staff and patients can access their resources.



In regard to the current industrial action taken by various groups of NHS staff, 58% agreed with the statement that the Government’s refusal to discus pay with NHS workers is evidence it is seeking to undermine the NHS in order to privatise it, with 17% disagreeing with the statement.



The fieldwork was conducted: 15th – 16th February 2023, with 1968 adults in the UK polled online.


Full data tables:


We Own It Tables



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