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Rishi Sunak yet to turn Conservative fortunes around. Labour 23 point lead:

5th November 2022

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New polling with fieldwork conducted 1-3 November – just over a week after Rishi Sunak’s takeover sees Labour’s voting intention lead over the Conservatives remaining considerable, at 23 points – higher than our polling leads seen at the end section of the Truss administration.

Changes below are since our prior poll with fieldwork 26th-27th October.




Sunak begins his premiership and Conservative party leadership with a net Survation favourability rating of -7, ahead of both the Conservative party on -24 and the Government on -43 – very low scores despite some improvement in comparison to our final polling of the previous Conservative administration. In comparison, Keir Starmer, with a favourability rating of +9 fares better than Sunak, with the Labour Party enjoying a +9 net favourability.



Reflective of his superior favourability ratings Keir Starmer leads the “best Prime Minister” question with 39% opting for him as Best Prime Minister in a forced choice vs Sunak on 34%, 27% say they don’t know. 



In terms of economic trust, respondents are more likely to say they trust Labour’s shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves than Chancellor Jeremy Hunt:



A indication to why this might be so lies in the crosstabs. Significantly more respondents think that Jeremy Hunt is not competent (41%) than believe he is (29%), and while Rishi Sunak is the most likely of those listed below to be described as competent (43%) this is not at present enough to move the Conservative party’s voting intention in an upward direction.



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