Scotland Political Polling November 2020

Election and Referendum voting intention

Survation’s new political poll in Scotland shows the Scottish National Party (SNP) retaining its commanding lead in voting intention for the next general election and Scottish Parliament election – and on the question of another referendum on Scottish independence, “Yes” is 8 points in the lead,  2 up from our poll in September.


Scottish Independence referendum



Scottish Parliament Voting Intention: Constituency Vote

The past month has seen little change, with the SNP up 1 point to 54%, and Labour and the Conservatives both on 18 points (Labour up 1 point since our September poll).



Scottish Parliament Voting Intention: Regional List Vote

The SNP are up 2 points from September to 43% while Labour retains 2nd place on 19% with a 1 point increase. The Conservatives are down 1 point to 17%




UK General Election Voting Intention in Scotland

In line with voting intention for the Scottish Parliament, the SNP retains a commanding lead on 52%, with Labour in second place on 20% (down 1 point) and the Conservatives  down 2 points on 18%



Survation conducted an online poll of 1,059 people aged 16+ living in Scotland. Fieldwork was conducted between 28th October – 4th November 2020.Changes w/ 2-7 Sep 2020.

Data tables:




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