Faith and Ethnicity Research


Our faith and ethnicity research, including our panels such as the Survation UK Jewish Panel, are used for a variety of social and academic purposes to better understand the opinions of often overlooked groups.


Minority faith and ethnic groups are some of the fastest growing populations within the UK and have a sizable impact on politics and the social sphere. Survation understand that if our societies are not homogeneous neither should our research be.


We have three opt-in telephone and online opinion panels (for those members who have opted to complete surveys online); our Survation UK Jewish panel, our Muslim panel, and our BAME panel.


The process of building our Jewish panel began in 2015. We have subsequently built on this success by applying the same methods to our other specialised panels in 2018 and 2019.


Using a combination of onomastics, demographic and geographic data we can create a probabilistic assignment of someone having a particular identity. To establish our indicators we work in collaboration with community experts, academics, and ONS data. This enables us to target ward-level data with as little as 1% of the population belonging to the group (for some of our FAQs about our Survation Special Panels click here).


Differences in data collection across the UK make minority research particularly complex, however with our experience we can find demographically and geographically representative samples of hard-to-reach groups, including a spread of sect and ethnicity for religious panels.


Using a Survation panel is a cost-effective way of targeting minority groups for research and we regularly work with charities, universities, and commercial organisations to help them better understand and work with these communities.


For more information about commissioning our faith and ethnicity research, contact John Gibb on 020 3818 9661 or email


Examples of previous work:


See examples of published work using the Survation Jewish Panel, on behalf of the Jewish Chronicle.


See our ongoing biannual project (2015, 2017, and 2019) with Dr Nasar Meer at the University of Edinburgh on the experiences of BAME Scots.


See our work polling BAME 18+ UK residents on behalf of British Future in their 2018 Report ‘Many rivers crossed’ on attitudes in the UK to race and integration since Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech.


See news coverage of our work polling BAME 18+ UK residents for British Future in 2015, including voting intentions.


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