Face-to-Face Market Research

Survation has broad experience conducting of face-to-face research to a wide range of clients.


Face-to-face research is the ideal way to get high-quality insights from customers, shoppers, members or residents.


With hundreds of experienced interviewers available across the UK and Ireland, Survation can conduct high-quality research with short turnarounds in a broad range of locations.


All interviewers are trained to adhere to the MRS Guidelines and Code of Conduct.


For more information about our face-to-face research, contact John Gibb on 020 38189661 or email researchteam@survation.com


Examples of previous work


NB: detailed methodologies for every poll can be found in the linked tables

On behalf of the RMT Survation polled 1,008 London Underground passengers between 3rd January – 4th February 2013. The survey addressed attitudes to the closing of ticket offices in London Underground stations and was used by the RMT to campaign against the closures. Survation analysis can be found here, and tables can be found here.

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