Polling for Local Councils

Survation provide a wide range of polling services for local Councils that measure resident satisfaction in order to improve local services and provide representative public views to inform major decisions.


Resident satisfaction

We provide resident satisfaction surveys for Council’s at the highest polling standards for competitive rates. We can work with you to devise the best way to understand what residents think about your Council and how to improve your services in line with resident priorities.

Informative surveys

Need to make a decision on a high profile issue and want a complete picture of what your residents think? A survey that provides a balanced picture by reaching people less likely to respond to a traditional public consultation exercise will help your Council make a decision informed by the views of local residents.

Local stakeholder surveys

Survation has completed stakeholder survey work for the North London Waste Authority since 2012 in order to better understand attitudes to recycling in the area, and test both new campaigns and potential changes to recycling provision and facilities.


Survation has undertaken work for T in the Park to explore the views of residents local to the festival site.  This survey showed that despite some vocal opposition to the festival, the majority of local residents viewed the festival as likely to be beneficial to the local area and were in favour of the festival’s planning application being accepted by Perth and Kinross Council.


Parklands Care Homes commissioned Survation to undertake a survey of residents local to a proposed site for a new care home in the Fortrose area.


National surveys

Survation has previously completed a nationally representative survey for Northgate Public Services aimed at better understanding the attitude and experiences of the public with volunteering.

Councillor polling

Survation maintains a database of UK councillors and has conducted polls of local councillors for a number of clients, including Action for Children.



Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and had the most accurate phone polls on the EU and Scottish Referendum results.

We are innovative, accurate and understand the unique needs of local government.

Contact John Gibb for any further information.

Telephone – 0203 818 9661

Email – researchteam@survation.com


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