Strictly Come Dancing Live Show Preview– Ahead of tonight’s tenth live show – your reactions to last week’s live performances;

Strictly Come Dancing Live Show Preview– Ahead of tonight’s tenth live show – your reactions to last week’s live performances;

There were 152 responses between Saturday, November 27, 2010 7.43 PM and Tuesday, November 30, 2010 11.08 PM. Data is un-weighted.

Our Key Takeaways (Stuart Jackaman)

1) The resurgent Pamela Stevenson rockets back into the public’s conscience with a near perfect 38, having been pretty much anonymous for the past few weeks. This was reflected in an increase in her support to top our survey question on who you favoured on the night with a response of 32%. Scott Maslen had a terrible week dancing-wise, and our polling group do not appear to be too forgiving unlike some of the judges – only 9% of responders rated Scott best on the night.

2)  In terms of overall popularity, Matt Baker retains front spot with 35.5% of responders naming him as their favourite to win the series, up from 32.7% last week. The difference in fortunes of Pamela and Scott are reflected in this question, with Pamela on the way up and Scott on the way down. Kara holds her position as second favourite.

3) As you’ll see from the data below, just as Patsy looked beyond hope last week, Gavin Henson looks like he could be made a Muppet of this week. Ann Widdecombe and Anton Du Beke’s comedy is certainly entertaining the nation, and they out-score Gavin in terms of popularity even without considering the fact that Ann is likely to have her “novelty” support base that is not fully represented in our data. Perhaps the most interesting thing this week will be whether Ann’s fans can out-vote one of the “fab four” (Matt, Kara, Pamela and Scott). It would certainly be an achievement for Ann to avoid the bottom two this week, given the magnitude of this task.

Here are the un-weighted responses to our survey questions:

Answer To The Question – Overall, who do think you would like to win the show in the end?

Who was your favourite Celebrity Dancer on Saturday?

They might not be your favourite, but who might you vote for to SAVE to keep them in the competition?

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