Strong public support to pay higher taxes for a care led economy.

Strong public support to pay higher taxes for a care led economy with free social care for over 65 year olds. 



  • Survation research for Women’s Budget Group



A combined quantitative and qualitative research programme explored the issues, attitudes and development of messages for change. 


The study found that there are high levels of public support for progressive taxation to fund a more care led society, with priority for health and social care, and that well-being is the best measure for the economy. 


However, we also found that there is less support for this type of society when asked how great a political priority it is. 


Our qualitative research offers insights into how politicians and campaigners can frame their arguments so that the gap between support can be turned into support when it comes to electoral support.


Summary of findings


The quantitative polling: 2052 adults aged 18+, online, 3-10 Sept 2020

Tables can be found here https://cdn.survation.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/30085841/Womens-Budget-Group-Tables1.xlsx



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