Strong support for taxes on wealth and action on tax evasion

New polling by Survation today for Tax Justice UK finds strong public backing for taxing the wealthy more on their assets, and the vast majority of the public want tougher action against tax evasion in light of revelations in the Pandora Papers.


Overall, 77% of the public believe the wealthy should pay more tax, and 17% think they should pay the same as they do now.



Very large majorities agree with a series of statement about the immorality of tax avoidance. 85% believe tax avoidance by large companies, even if technically legal, is morally wrong, and 82% for individuals avoiding tax.


80% want to see tougher action against tax evasion in light of the revelations in the Pandora Papers.



There is also strong public support for so called Mansion taxes and taxes on assets. 69% support a tax on those who live in homes worth over £2m.

By 59% to 23%, the public supports taxing the assets of the wealthy to pay for transitioning to a green economy.




Survation interviewed 1003 adults aged 18 plus, online across the UK. Fieldwork 11th-12th October 2021.

Data tables:


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