Survation Launches Innovative MRP Brand Tracker

Polling and Market Research company, Survation has launched its new brand track product that combines brand research with advanced analytics.

The new product taps into Survation’s proven expertise in Multilevel Regression and Post-Stratification (MRP) analytics – a technique they have used extensively to produce the accurate estimates of consumer behaviour, attitudes and voting intention.

As a part of their on-going collaboration with Royal Holloway University, during the 2019 General Election, Survation used MRP to predict individual behaviour at constituency level, producing the most accurate forecast conducted to date, with a tally of 95% of seats called correctly.

The strength of MRP analytics is its ability to produce robust estimates for niche audiences and small geographic areas.

Madhur Mehra, Survation’s Director of Research says, “combining Survation’s expertise in understanding consumer behaviour with our MRP credentials, we have integrated our proprietary MRP analytics approach with brand tracking. This will enable our clients to understand how their brand activities are impacting their core target audience. Survation brand track also utilises the latest thinking in neuroscience and behavioural economics.”

Madhur joined Survation in March this year and brings with him 20 years of commercial and brand research expertise, working with large international companies.

Survation’s unique brand track approach also combines strategic communications into its analytics and is an expert in campaigns and segmented message reframing. The new brand tracker enables our messaging team to analyse and test effective and persuasion framing to alter customer behaviours.

Survation’s Chief Executive, Damian Lyons Lowe comments “The launch of our new brand track will boost Survation’s insight, branding and’ strategic communications services – targeted toward brands and organisations that need to make evidence-
based decisions that are driven by accurate data and insight.”


Contact: madhur.mehra@survation.con,



About Survation:
Survation provides vital insights for brands and organisations wanting to better understand authentic opinion, adding value and credibility to the research we provide to our clients. We are an innovative and creative market research company and do not believe any single method can always be the right answer to complex client objectives.

About Madhur Mehra
Madhur Mehra is a seasoned consumer insight professional with 20 years of Market Research expertise across the U.K. and Asia. He has led numerous global programs for clients across brand & communication, innovation, customer satisfaction & loyalty and across industry verticals.

Madhur oversees all of Survation’s new and innovative methodology work, complex data analysis, modelling and product development, as well as acts as lead technical advisor for methodology design and best practice for our research output.
His previous appointments have been – Head of Consumer Insights for Nielsen UK & Ireland and Sr. Director at Ipsos Mori. Before starting his career as a market researcher, Madhur completed his MBA Marketing from the University of Pune, India.

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