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Online polling of London residents on behalf of the London Child Poverty Alliance

Survation conducted an online poll of 1,541 London residents on behalf of the London Child Poverty Alliance – a coalition of charities including Child Poverty Action Group, Children’s Society and Shelter. The full tables are available here.

Key findings:

– One in five voting Londoners (21%) haven’t decided who they will vote for in the next London borough council elections in May 2014

– Twice as many women (28%) as men (14%) are undecided.

– Londoners are demanding decent homes and decent jobs. There was huge support for councils to improve housing (91%), increase wages (86%) and support flexible working (86%)

We asked how important various problems were for Londoners. Three of the top issues they face are:

– Difficulty finding affordable housing (80%)

– Being paid low wages (79%)

– Not being able to find jobs that fit with family life (72%)

(figures show the percentage who rated the problem as being very or fairly important)

Londoners want local politicians to take action on:

– Improving the quality, stability and affordability of housing (91%)

– Increasing wages (86%)

– Increasing flexible working (86%)

– Protecting poorest residents from increases to council tax payments (85%)

– Protecting the services provided by children’s centres (82%)

(figures show the percentage who would strongly or somewhat support each policy)

Voting intentions among London residents for the next London borough council elections in May 2014:

– 32% Labour

– 21% Conservative

– 10% UKIP

– 9% Lib Dem

– 4% Green

– 1% Independent

– 21% Undecided


You can find the press release from the London Child Poverty Alliance here.


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Survation are a member of The British Polling Council and abide by its rules

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