Survation are working with Sky News, Organising ‘The Battle for Labour’ Audience

Sky News is hosting the last head-to-head debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. The pair will appear in a special programme starting at 8pm on Wednesday 14 September – a week before the ballot closes.

The men will face questions from a studio audience made up of Labour members, supporters and voters in an event chaired by Sky News political editor Faisal Islam.

If you’d like to be a member of the live studio audience, apply here.


Further details of the programme will be announced shortly. If you have already been called by Survation, or need to contact us about anything relating to the contents of the call, please contact us on:

0203 142 7641 – or – audience@survation.com

If you have been called by us and would like to confirm that Survation are working with Sky, please email peter.diapre@sky.uk

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