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Survation’s September Political Zeitgeist Poll (Mail on Sunday)

As party conference season continues apace, on behalf of The Mail on Sunday, Survation have had a fairly comprehensive look at the political issues of the week.

Voting Intention – What threat are UKIP to The Conservative chance of a majority in 2015?

Survation is the only polling company in the UK that asks voters in the main voting question if they want to vote for Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem or UKIP (randomised order). By doing so, we believe that we are the only reliable source to quantify potential Conservative – UKIP switchers. Other online polling companies in their recent polls for example show UKIP and the Lib Dems neck and neck (Yougov) UKIP ahead (Opinium) or UKIP behind (ComRes). All three however do not show UKIP’s party name in their main voting question – which logically will score UKIP artificially lower and the Conservatives artificially higher. After the Friday/Saturday UKIP conference-related publicity and our fieldwork conducted during Friday, what affect has this had on Conservative voting intention?

Greater Manchester Murders

What, should the government’s reaction be to the tragic deaths of two female police officers killed in the line of duty? Should the police have greater use of firearms? Would the public feel safer with more armed police? How do the public feel about capital punishment – do people feel the risks and issues of adopting the American model outweigh the potential benefits?

Party Leaders, Cable to the Lib Dem rescue?

Which party leaders do people feel are Charismatic, Strong, Compassionate, Attractive or Statesmanlike? After his sobering polling lately, Nick Clegg may find some comfort here. Further, Lib Dem kingmakers will find pause for thought in that Vince Cable is not the messiah they seek – barely moving Lib Dem popularity at all were he to be their leader.

Clegg’s Apology

Despite many in our survey wanting Nick Clegg to stand down – his recent attempts to rebuild may not be as “inept” as the media have characterised. Here inside the political bubble and “twitterverse” many have poured scorn on Nick Clegg’s Youtube apology over tuition fees- but the response from the public is very different, particularly from women.

Plebgate / Gategate

Andrew Mitchell MP should look away now, we’ve asked the public if “Thrasher” should resign after his Downing Street incident. We phrased the question very mildly, making no confirmation of the event, specific mention of the verbose and offensive language he reportedly used or that he has denied that the police version of events was accurate.

The government Chief Whip – Andrew Mitchell MP, has reportedly sworn repeatedly at police when they declined to open a Downing Street gate to let him cycle through.
Should Andrew Mitchell MP resign from his position as Chief Whip?

Full data tables can be found here;

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